A perfect storm

WQNA was off the air and internet after a series of events on January 24 that can only be described as a “perfect storm.”┬áThere has been an outpouring of support and a lot of work to get up and running again. We’re now streaming on the internet and looking for solutions to get back to the airwaves.

This article from the Illinois Times perfectly explains the situation.

As of February 19, 2019 WQNA is back on the air at 88.3 FM as well as online here at its new website http://wqnaradio.org!

So spread the word far and wide that WQNA is back and is moving forward with its goal as being Springfield’s home town station.

If you have reached this site through wqna.net, be sure to update your bookmarks as well as any saved links as wqna.net is no longer WQNA’s official website.