Official statement

As of noon today, CACC finalized the sale of the WQNA 88.3 FM license to Covenant Network, a Network with two existing subsidiaries in Springfield radio, and shortly after, WQNA fell silent. However, the Springfield Community Broadcasters group is still working to keep community radio alive. The sale of the 88.3 license is NOT the end of the road for community radio in Springfield!

While we knew this was coming in some form or fashion, none of us have had a chance to do a final sign-off or say goodbye to WQNA and the loyal audience we all share. We are sorry that we were unable to do this.

BUT we want to make sure that everyone is aware that beyond being taken off-air, nothing has changed regarding fundraising efforts led by the Springfield Community Broadcasters, the non-profit that is working to keep community radio alive in Springfield.


We can’t share all the details, but this is a another real avenue to keep the broadcasters and programming from WQNA alive on another FM frequency, and we will keep you updated as much as possible in the coming weeks.

We have lost this battle, but the war continues. The benefit at Buzz Bomb is still going. The benefit at Dumb Records is still on. Same with the show at the Alamo. The Go Fund Me is still active. Nothing has changed beyond this bump in the road.

We are not dead, and rumors of our demise have been oft exaggerated.

Please share this update far and wide, and let’s keep working to save community radio!!!!